Melissa takes this so you’re able to mean that Rachel wants the lady back

Melissa takes this so you’re able to mean that Rachel wants the lady back

Cecilia Munroe

Cecilia Munroe (Susan Sarandon): a celebrity exactly who depicts Jessica Lockhart into the Times of Our everyday life. During the Times of our life, Jessica passes away, and you may Drake Ramoray, starred because of the Joey, gets this lady attention, thus they can awaken of his coma, a procedure Ross requires problem with for the scientific factor. [e 77] Jessica is actually fabled for organizing drinks at somebody and slapping her or him. The woman ded Frederick, off whom she didn’t approve. She are tossed of a pony and you can to an electronic fence, an accident set up by the Frederick and you can Dina.

Just after handing over the character out-of Jessica Lockhart to Joey, Cecilia Munroe rests which have Joey causing small hysteria getting Rachel and you will Monica, whom they are both big admirers away from Weeks. She next requires a role within the Mexico, causing the woman and you can Joey splitting up along with her disappearance away from the show. Susan’s real-lifestyle girl played Jessica’s daughter from the episode.

Melissa Warburton

Melissa Warburton (Winona Ryder): one of Rachel’s sorority siblings during the university. In their senior year, Melissa and you will Rachel went to the newest Sigma Chi luau wearing coconut bikinis-and you may, immediately following taking excess sangria, returned with the domestic and you can ended up kissing. Melissa fell deeply in love with Rachel and never forgot you to definitely night, but Rachel never noticed it as any other thing more than just a crazy university feel. [e 78] Rachel runs into Melissa in Main Perk and they day so you can restaurants. When Rachel face Melissa regarding hug, she pretends getting no thoughts of it ever going on as the she will not envision Rachel usually return this lady love. After restaurants, Rachel kisses their once again to show so you can Phoebe one she will be able to take action in love. (suite…)

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